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Mr. Sandless Testimonials

"I needed to refinish the hardwood floors that were underneath the carpet in my condo. I cannot begin to express how happy I was to work with Mr Sandless and their team. He went WELL above and beyond what I could have ever expected. He was extremely honest, very helpful, and even followed up with e-mails after he finished explaining how to care for it etc. I would highly recommend Mr. Sandless Long Island for anyone who is thinking of refinishing their wood floors without the mess of having sawdust everywhere."

"I used these guys because I was on a budget and getting my hardwood floors done the traditional way was very expensive and I needed to be out of the house for a few days. The guys came, did a wonderful job, actually did some extra work to make the new wood identical to the old wood in shade. It looks amazing and was a fraction of the cost and was no mess!"

"The guys from Mr. Sandless did our LR, DR and long hallway this past weekend. I was given the idea to use him from a random person who I see on the LIRR, who saw this company used on HGTV. I called the number on LI and when Mr Sandless explained that the process takes only one day and is non-toxic, I was pretty much sold. I have a parrot, and if I were to use traditional sanding and varnishing, I would have to move the bird out of the house and the process would have taken days. My bird stayed in the back room the entire time and my husband and I were amazed at the transformation from awful carpet and linoleum covered oak, to shiny, beautiful floors! I cannot thank you enough and I highly encourage you to check this company out if you are ever considering restoring or refinishing your hardwood."

"I wanted to remove my carpeting and have my hard wood floors refinished but didn't want to go through the sanding process and toxic fumes from a polyurethane finish. I searched the internet and to my surprise found Mr. Sandless. I immediately called the number in my area and spoke to you, who was delightful to deal with. He thoroughly explained the process and cost to my satisfaction, and we proceeded to make an appointment to have the work done. The process took several hours, furniture didnt have to be removed from the premises, and the results are nothing short of amazing! No sanding, no fumes, and the finish dried in 20-30 minutes. I highly recommend this company and its owner!"
Joe P.


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